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Kat's cosmic Stirwas a tofu/veggie stir fry with an odd citrus undertone.Hearty and filling.In a city that seems to generally overlook good vegetarian options, it was a treat to find another place that does actually take care in preparing a diverse menu for our ilk.We then got back in the car and went on the hunt for a quiet coffee/wi-fi destination.Around the corner we ran across the mighty Caf Brazil.I've heard of this place before.Open 24/364 (closing its doors only on Thanksgiving), my band has been tempted after many a Dallas gig to stop for a 3 am breakfast.We're always turned away at the sight of a line wrapped out the door and around the building.Too bad his place freaking rocks.A link in the many locations of the local chain, this particular location on Cedar Springs consists of a few narrow hallways, brick/tiled walls, and small, scattered paintings on the far wall.When you walk in the door, you're face to face with a wall of self-pump coffee dispensers, with flavors ranging from chocolate fudge to a decaf Holiday Blend.Plus, it'sunlimited, so if you need to pull that all-nighter or just find an excuse to pop the veins out in your eyes, you're golden.Their menu jumps all over the place, but lands mostly on a breakfast-all-day selection; everything from build-your-own omelettes with rosemary potatoes to Breakfast Relleno Crepes.
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10. Madhavrao Peshawa advises Nana Fadnavis to observe utmost economy in the manufacture of guns. He tells him to utilize old guns rather than purchasing new metal. Also says use only craftsmen as per requirement of the work. He expresses that it is not possible to make all cannons at once and gives his opinion that the number of cannons could be increased in stages. He also writes that purchasing new cannons is costly affair and hence it is wise to produce a few by themselves. (Ref: Lt. dt. 16.4.1770 from Madhavrao to Nana Fadnavis) 11 Naro Balaji who had been asked to get the damaged guns from various forts and sent the same to Pune to be recast, informs accordingly.(Ref: Lt. dt. 5.6.1770.) 12. Peshawe offered a bell to Vetal temple, Gurwar Peth after successful casting of a big cannon.Sardar Rupram Chaudhari,who was incharge of cannon foundry was devoteeing the Vetal for the smooth working of the foundry. (Ref: Loksatta dated 5. Neglect of technology Madhavrao died prematurely in the year 1772 A.D. After Madhavrao, no Peshawa of great qualities like earlier Peshwas came to power and the decline of Marathas started. Pune which was practically seen as a capital Marathas, started loosing the importance .The Maratha confederation was shattered as local chiefs regained control-Mahadji Sindia in Gwalior, Raghuji Bhosale in Nagpur and Berar, Malhar Rao Holkar in Malwa, and Damaji Gaikwar in Gujarat. There was no significant progress made in the cannon foundry even though the record shows that the foundry was in operatin even in 1791.Reference is available about appointment of Perron-a French person appointed as a incharge of Pune foundry during that period. The result was out dated technology being used. In the meanwhile, many technological progresses were made in European guns. British and French foundries took efforts to produce lighter and stronger guns, as they were looking it as a product to be sold to outsiders. It was then that the Marathas found that the cost of purchased guns was less than the guns produced locally. Thus Marathas decided to purchase guns from British and French. The British sold outdated guns to Marathas and fought with them with the better guns. They also could chalk out their war strategy as they were aware what type of guns the Marathas had. This contributed to the fall of Marathas. The cannon foundry in Pune thus lost with the time. The neglect of up- gradation of foundry technology thus cost Marathas very dearly.

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