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Let's Transform Philly Schools Jun 15th!

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

School lunchtime workers and parents going without food

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

The Last (?) Pro-Bradley Manning Demonstration

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Torture by Design: Saying No to the Architecture of Solitary Confinement and Cruelty --An interview with Raphael Sperry

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Rallies against war on Syria

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Shorty Takes a Giant Step

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Philadelphia: Drive for profits behind building collapse

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Fast Track Trade Deal Alert

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Governor Tom Corbett chickens out

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

Mumia Abu-Jamal's statement on the FOP Blocking Obama's Adegbile nomination to DOJ post

Read more [Philadelphia IndyMedia]

International Day of the Woman - What State Has Never Sent A Woman to the U.S. Congress?

Today is the International Day of the Woman. What State has never sent a woman to the United States Congress? Can you guess?
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Keystone opponents compare pipeline to WMD at State Dept petition delivery

On the 7th of March, a combined force of activists from many groups opposing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline delivered about 2 million petitions to the State Dept against the pipeline. Video of the petition delivery march
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Wounded deer found, finished off in Rock Creek Park

A few days ago emails began circulating about a deer found seriously wounded around the snout/nose area on March 5 near Ross Drive and Bounder Bridge in Rock Creek park and put out of her misery by shots from someone in the US Park Police.
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Tar sands protesters march, project images on US Dept of State

At midnight on the 6th of March, the deadline for formal public comment on the State Dept's phoney statement about the environmental impact of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline passed. Hours earlier, protesters marched on their 23ed st headquarters. Video of 3-6 evening KXL march and comment projection at State
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

The Shortwave Report 03/07/14 Listen Globally!

A weekly 30 minute review of international news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio and the internet. With times, frequencies, and websites for listening at home. 3 files- Highest quality broadcast, regular broadcast, and slow-modem streaming. Radio Deutsche-Welle, Radio Havana Cuba, NHK World Radio Japan, Spanish National Radio, and the Voice of Russia.
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Medea Benjamin speaks at Egyptian Embassy on being beaten and deported

On the 6th of March, Medea Benjamin showed up in front of the Embassy of Egypt with one arm in a sling to speak out on the brutality she experience when she was violently deported from Egypt. Video featuring Medea's entire speech
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Marshall Eddie Conway Free! Free All Political Prisoners!!

Dhoruba Bin-Wahad, Naji Mujahid, Marshall Eddie Conway (free after 44 years of illegal incarceration for being a Panther and standing up to white authority), Paul Coats - at Baltimore, MD and Brooklyn, NY.
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Bike-A-Thon Registration is Open

Read more [Boston IndyMedia]

How drones are killing the antiwar movement

You don't see that many antiwar protests anymore, but the US government is as busy as ever killing people. Today, however, they do it more and more with drones (robots) and less and less with human warriors who have to give some to get some.
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

''Fair Harvard'' Lacks Fairness

Read more [Boston IndyMedia]

Medea Benjamin injured in brutal deportation from Egypt en route to Gaza

This is an extraordinarily ugly report. Apparently the coup government in Egypt, the same one that shot over 600 protesters in Tahrir Square to retain power, has decided that anyone friendly to Gaza is an enemy to be assaulted. When Code Pink tried to send a team to Gaza as part of the International Delegation of Women, Medea Benjamin was assaulted and received either a broken arm and torn ligaments.
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

The House I Live In Film Screening

Read more [Boston IndyMedia]

Park Service cancels open house on future of Rock Creek Park

On the 3ed of march, the NPS announced the cancellation of a planned open house on the future of Rock Creek, scheduled to be held at St. John's College High School at 6:30PM. Curiously, the event has not been rescheduled.
Read more [Washington DC IndyMedia]

Social Justice Summer Camp for Teens

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a unique and inspiring leadership summer camp for youth 12-17 who care about community service, activism, and social justice.
Read more [Boston IndyMedia]

Joseph Berman Unqualified for Superior Court

Massachusetts citizens deserve a mature, reasoned and unbiased judge on the bench. Mr. Berman does not merit that distinction.
Read more [Boston IndyMedia]

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